Nir2, CERT and OSBP coordinately function at the ER-Golgi MCSs

Sima Lev: Nir2, CERT and OSBP coordinately function

Nir2, CERT and OSBP are three lipid-transfer proteins containing an FFAT motif, interact with VAP-A/B and localize to the Golgi apparatus at steady-state. Targeting of OSBP and CERT to the Golgi is mediated by their PH domains which bind PI4P on the Golgi membranes. Knockdown of VAP-A/B reduced the Golgi localization of OSBP, CERT and Nir2 and concomitantly the Golgi levels of DAG, PI4P and SM, and Golgi mediated transport to the plasma membrane and endosomes.

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