Regulation of membrane trafficking by non-vesicular transport mechanisms

Membrane trafficking pathways are mediated by a network of proteins and lipids that coordinately function to efficiently and rapidly transport lipids, secreted, luminal and integral membrane proteins to their final cellular destinations.

The tight regulation of membrane transport events is not only fascinating but also fundamental for normal cell function and survival. Membrane trafficking events are mediated by both vesicular and non-vesicular transport mechanisms.

While vesicular transport is involved in the transport of both proteins and lipids, non-vesicular transport is involved in lipid transport and is mainly mediated by various intracellular lipid-transfer proteins (LTPs). Prof. Sima Lev and her team had a remarkable contribution to the field of lipid-transport and the interplay between intracellular lipid transport and membrane trafficking events.

Read the presentation of Professor Sima Lev:

Sima Lev Web Team

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