Prof. Sima Lev – Regulatio of Golgi structure and function in interphase and mitotic cells

The Golgi apparatus (discovered by Camillo Golgi), is the central organelle of the secretory pathway, involved in the post-translational modification of many cellular proteins and lipids and their sorting to appropriate subcellular destinations.  Maintenance of the structural integrity of the Golgi apparatus is critical for its secretory function and is largely dependent on membrane trafficking events. Prof. Sima Lev showed that the lipid-transfer protein Nir2 is required for maintenance the structure of the Golgi in interphase by regulating the lipid composition of this organelle.

During mitosis, the Golgi apparatus is extensively fragmented into thousands of vesicles and tubules. These morphological changes coincide with the blockage of membrane transport to and through the Golgi apparatus. Late in mitosis, however, the Golgi reassembles and membrane trafficking events are concomitantly restored. Interestingly, Prof. Lev found that Nir2 is extensively phosphorylated during mitosis and regulates cytokinesis progression.

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